When We Were Young

Kong Gangyu Zou Yingyin Cheng Jian Yang Xiaoxiong Fan Zhiyi Chen Jizhong Tu Feng Tu Jiannan Li Tian'en Gu Yi Liang Jian Huang Zhong He Guohong Luo Zhigang Fu Gang Liu Chang Yang Jing Lu Hongying Zhuang Hong Bi Haifeng Xu Ming

20 years is far, yet near
our relations are ever sincere
after all the times swiftly past
everyone is being more mature

With your eyes closed
ample of memories recalled
messy dorm, lousy caf?and countless exams
we, as a whole, all survived.

degrees, jobs, houses
orders, markets, greens
sons, daughters, and your love one
and, at last, ourselves

To all who went through these transformation
we need some magnitude of celebration
Thanks all, 802-80ers
This site is our escalation

                    Shawn Yang, Spetember 12, 2003